Job Expections Vs The Reality

Whats your Passion? Do it!

Job Expections Vs The Reality

 Samantha Gray

Why I Became a Social Worker

Six years ago, I walked onto my college campus with high expectations that I was going to be a world-famous author or a groundbreaking journalist. Fast forward to now and I’m not only living three states east but sweating over my application for a Master’s Degree in social work. there was definitely a clear difference between my job expectations vs the reality.

So who knows,six years from now I could be changing my mind and pursuing sports networking for all I know (although I highly doubt that for someone who has a strong distaste for ball games). But either way, I’ll be embracing it because the change in my career field is rooted for a reason.

The most important thing to not let yourself feel regret when looking back on where you’ve started is regret. When reflecting on my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, I know I didn’t waste my time.

Through the start of my education I’ve achieved these things:

  • I’ve built a resume.
  • I’ve taken classes and learning experiences under my belt I would have never had before.
  • Regardless of what I want to pursue next, it’s broadened my horizons.
  • I can still utilize my passion and skills in writing (like writing career blogs!).
  • I have had some of the most unforgettable experiences and friends in those four years that I wouldn’t trade for a doctor’s salary (well maybe)

my expectations for my career was for it to be going in one, incredibly specific direction but turns out that wasn’t the direction for me. The reality is that I know my life is suited for somewhere else. The passion I’ve felt for working with kids and effecting change was nothing compared to my enjoyment of writing. It’s something that took me by surprise, but I’ve decided to run with it full force. Don’t hesitate let the job tide carry you to where you’re meant to be.

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Please let me know, what were your expectations vs what is your reality?  were they the same? different? how?


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