Job interview Cheat Sheet

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Job interview Cheat Sheet

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How To Impress Any Interviewer And Get Hired In A Proven 9-Step Process (And Less Than 40 Minutes)

Dear Job Seeker,

Have you ever had an interview and thought it went PERFECTLY, and then sat by the phone for two days only to find out they chose someone else?

Or have you ever spent time and energy practicing your answers and researching the company only to draw a TOTAL BLANK in the interview?

Or do you just plain struggle in job interviews?

The fact is, 93% of job seekers fail for three basic reasons:

1. They’re not “tailoring” their answers to fit the company

2. They’re not answering behavioral interview questions correctly

3. They’re using answers that they quickly grabbed off Google (and the hiring manager has heard hundreds of times)

How I Almost Ruined My Career

So… I’ve changed jobs a lot. I mean a LOT. Before becoming a Recruiter I had a really hard time finding a job I could stand for even one year.

And I used to try to memorize tons of answers before an interview. The problem (other than wasting hours of my time) was that it got all jumbled up in my head and came out wrong in the heat of the moment.

I felt like my brain was “holding” the answers somewhere but I never had time to choose (and perfectly remember) in time.

And worst of all… I was missing a BIG OPPORTUNITY to build a connection with the hiring manager because I was so distracted and busy feeling like my brain was about to explode.

If you’ve tried this and felt frustrated, you’re definitely not alone! And it’s not your fault. This is probably what you’ve been told to do!

Here’s the thing though… hiring managers conduct a LOT of interviews. So they’ve heard all the common answers. If you found something in five minutes, chances are everyone else did too.

And they’re great at spotting these answers because they’re not “tailored” to the company.

So what should you do?…

1. Use the job description to figure out what the company wants most

2. Tailor your answer to focus on what they want to hear

3. Give powerful examples to make your answer unique. Using a detailed example is 10 to 20 times more impressive than just saying “yes, I’ve done that.”

Luckily, I’ve created a 9 step method to do all of this for you plus a lot more, in less than 40 minutes.

And I’ve made it as BRAIN-DEAD easy as possible. The only hard part was discovering and fine tuning everything, which I’ve done for you.

Introducing: The Job Interview Cheat Sheet

The Job Interview Cheat Sheet is a 14-page PDF packed with the exact steps I’ve tested and used for 6+ years as a Recruiter (and that hundreds of job seekers have already used to get hired).

Don’t be fooled by the size of the guide. This info is based on hundreds of hours of first hand knowledge and designed to do one thing: help you get a job offer from your next interview, without any unnecessary steps or “filler” content that most interview guides are packed with.

What Youll Get:

  • The 6 behavioral questions you need to be ready for, and how to give impressive answers with an easy 4-step method (this technique will work for any behavioral question)

  • The 5 Minute Job Description Checklist – a proven technique to give confident answers that are tailored to what the hiring manager wants(without having to lie or stretch the truth)

  • The 10 Minute Company Research Method – a powerful method to impress the hiring manager and make yourself seem more prepared than the competition (even if you spent less time)

  • How to quickly and easily give powerful examples in your answers so you can stand out from anyone else the company has interviewed

  • 21 Do’s and Don’ts to help you avoid mistakes and know exactly what to do and say to land the job

  • Perfect word-for-word answers for “What’s your greatest strength?” and “What’s your greatest weakness?” (and the two answers you absolutely CANNOT give if you want to get hired).

  • How to avoid all of the common traps and mistakes that can cost you the job even if the rest of your interview went perfectly

  • The 2 most impressive questions to ask at the end of your interview(hint: it’s not what you’ve been told)

  • 2-page “Interactive Review Sheet” so you can be 100% sure you’re not forgetting anything before walking into the interview

  • More proven techniques on everything from the best way to practice your answers at home, to what you should say to conclude your interview

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