Signs You are on the Right Path

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Signs You are on the Right Path

Signs you are on the Right Path

One of the first questions we get as toddlers are, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Sure, it comes with that aunt with the stinky perfume asking in a baby voice while pinching our too chubby cheeks, but it’s a bold question nonetheless. Not only does it repeat itself until we’re in our early twenties, but it becomes that much more dreadful.Our initial response is either our parent’s professions at the time or something glamorous like a pop star or a professional NBA player. When we’re young, we shoot for the stars. As we grow older, we shoot for the attainable. Simply, what’s in reach. Now, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this as long as we’re going down the path that’s right for us. But, wait, what are the signs you are on the right path?

1. It Makes You Happy, Despite its Pesky Challenges | Signs You are on the Right Path

If you’re unhappy, get out. It’s simple to say, harder to execute. However, the most
important thing is to be happy not only in your career but in your life as well. There will be days when you want to throw coffee in your bosses face or pull your hair out, but those are just days.
As long as you feel overall It makes you Happy, despite its pesky challengesin your environment and duties then I can guarantee it’s a damn good path for you to be taking. are you seeing the Signs?

2. It Feels Right | Signs You are on the Right Path

As someone who works in the child development and nonprofit industries, I can tell
you first hand that you will know when it’s right for you. This aspect is without a doubt
harder to distinguish than others because it’s going with your instincts. It’s important to
follow those instincts though when determining what’s wrong or right of you. Take some time to ask your self if it feels right!

3. It Supports You | Signs you are on the Right Path

You may truly love a job and the work you do, but if your paychecks aren’t keeping
you or your family afloat, it might be time to move up on the ladder or look at different
options that still make you happy. It doesn’t have to be an ultimate sacrifice, just small
ones in the matter of family and financial security. Along with financial support, the emotional/professional support is required. How can you do a job when you don’t have a team standing behind you? Yes, there will be deskmates with body odor and overpowering political views, but those are speed bumps in a longer journey. If you are cringing at each of these bullet points due to complete disagreement, I think that you may have come to the conclusion this is not the right path for you. And that’s okay! Rather than feeling discouraged, take this as an opportunity to grow and explore other opportunities. Even though it may not seem like it, happiness (even within the workplace!) is always right around the corner. so ask yourself does it support you?

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Are you currently facing this Delimna? How did you know that you were in the right career field or job? how did you not know please let us know in the comments below,

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